You have forgotten what

self-care even means.


There is no time for reflection, 

all the to do's have taken priority.


I support individuals and couples to prioritize themselves so they can handle the stress

and pain of what ails them.  


I also specialize in supporting individuals and 

couples through fertility challenges. 

Currently seeing clients all over the world virtually and in person

in North Vancouver. 

Meet with me in

person or virtually.


I offer online

and phone sessions


It has been proven to me that the intimacy and results of working with people online,

by phone and e-mail works wonders for healing and transformation. 


It is a special connection that lets down the veil or protection that face to face therapy may activate.



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Locating Myself

My birth name is Michelle Margaret Lee.

I have ancestors from England and Ireland.  I was born in Peterborough, ON., known and named first by Indigenous Peoples as Nogojiwanong.  


I have a strong relationship to the water, fields, rocks, and hills of this region.  I currently live with my beloved husband, in North Vancouver, where I soak up Mother Earth's gifts of mountains, oceans, and wide open space.  


I am a true believer in life-long learning and transforming. I have lived numerous lives, wearing many hats.  Some may call me a shape-shifter or a chameleon.  

This quality among many others supports my guidance of others in their desire to shift, grow and heal.


Learn more about me through guest posts and my own blog.  AND check out the Centre For Healthy Internet Use, I am an associate and advocate for balanced digital use.    

See my credentials.

  • Margo Lee Burton
  • Margo Lee Burton

All communication is confidential. Sessions available by phone and video,

having the comfort and ease of your own location.

Seeing clients online anywhere in the world and in person in North Vancouver.  

In gratitude and respect to live and work on unceded land of Squamish Territory 

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