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How long does therapy take? How often will we meet?  And why is that important?

There are several paths available, depending on what your needs are.  

These are my recommendations:


Intensive Therapy: Suited for individuals who are in crisis, and need immediate attention.  Two sessions per week.


Gain Therapy: Ideal for making a significant transformation, and actualizing goals.  One session per week.


Maintenance Therapy: For individuals who would like to maintain their gains, and explore new ones. One session biweekly.


Moderate Support: Addressing one or two issues, most of life is very good.  One session per month.


Drop Ins or Tune Ups: Best for individuals who are doing very well, and need the odd appointment to be refreshed and motivated to stay the course of balance and harmony.


When embarking on transformation and healing, at least 12 weeks of therapy is standard in order to break patterns and create new ones.  There is a check in after 6 weeks and at 12 weeks to decide on what the best next steps are for your growth.


Do you give work to do in daily life?

YES, I am committed to your transformation and will be offering practices, exercises, and techniques to support you when we are not in session.  It is up to you, of course, how you engage in them.  They will be to help you integrate the deeper work we do in the sessions. 


What kind of results will I have from therapy with you?

You will get to know yourself better, you will believe in yourself because you have realized that you have a choice in how you live your life.  You will be more empowered, creative, and feel more freedom.  My clients share about feeling more Light in their lives and more control in being responsive, rather than reactive in their emotions and in relationships.

Often in therapy, things get harder before they get better, it will be a journey.


What if I need to cancel?

My policy for cancellation is to cancel 24 hours before your appointment, there will be a cancellation fee of the full rate of the session if not canceled 24 hours before.


When are you available?

I typically see clients Sunday- Thursday 9 am - 4 pm - Wednesday mornings are typically drop-in times and consults.


How much does counseling cost?

Individual Therapy: 60 minute session is $180, includes a follow-up e-mail with points from session

Couples Therapy: 75 minute session is $225, includes a follow-up e-mail with points from session

50 minute sessions are available at $125 for maintenance or moderate therapy

Sessions do include e-mailing between sessions if desired


Do you take insurance?

I am a registered social worker, which is often covered under extended health benefits, most insurance companies cover a certain amount of counseling.  I will supply you with a recepit to submit.


What next?

Book a free 20 minute consult with me, we can discuss where you are at and how I can support you, or I will do my best to point you in a direction that will get you on the right track.  


FAQ's about therapy with Margo


You may have questions spinning around causing anxiety.

How do you make the plunge and the powerful choice to honor your own well-being?  


I get it!  Read through my FAQ's to help you gain more clarity.



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