• Margo Lee Burton
  • Margo Lee Burton

All communication is confidential. Sessions available by phone and video, having the comfort and ease of your own location.

Seeing clients online anywhere in the world and in person in North Vancouver.  

In gratitude and respect to live and work on unceded land of Squamish Territory 

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Support for fertility conception and becoming parents

I will guide you inward to find a creative and supportive way to parenthood.

Maybe you call it trying to conceive, infertility, your fertility journey…there are so many titles.  Ultimately it is YOUR LIFE and often the focus of your life.  Bring more awareness to what is truly being revealed.  


You may feel overwhelmed by the ups and downs as each month passes.  Or you feel alone and misunderstood, or perhaps not listened to.  The roller coaster ride of conception is unique for everyone. And if it has been many months into years, it can be a deeply challenging unique experience.  This experience means something for your GROWTH as a human.  


I can help you consider your path to pregnancy as an opening to yourself, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.   When you work with me, new perspectives are explored and new energy is welcomed into your life.  Whether you are in a partnership or on a solo journey, bringing newness into fertility is essential.  Open the process up to be one of learning, growth, healing, and transformation. 

I know from personal experience that there are hidden meanings under the suffering, I can help reveal those to you, so that you can transform, just as I have on my path to being MOM.

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