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Blossoms and Practice = 's

I have been contemplating the act of practicing and the actual word practice. It is a word I often use when offering sessions with people, highlighting and encouraging practice. It is a word that is said to me in courses that I take, like the True Prosperity course. The instructors reiterate the utmost importance of practice. They make reference to this :

The Rule of 300/3000- coined by Amiel Handelsman

To become good at something, one must practice doing it repeatedly, to be specific, it takes 300 repetitions to create a bodily memory of a skill and 3000 repeats to completely embody it—for it to be a mindless habit.

In dictionary.com, the word practice as a verb, is defined as;

1. perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency. 2. carry out or perform (a particular activity, method, or custom) habitually or regularly.

Pause for a moment...

What does practice mean to you? How does it show up in your life?

Through my contemplation I realize that practice may be one of the most important acts of life. From a yogic perspective, one of my guiding perspectives, Samskaras are sustained and frequent (practiced) thought-patterns, that with time and repetition, create grooves in the brain. These grooves become easy pathways to take, like a well-groomed trail, rather than 'bush whacking' through a forest. These Samskaras are habits that can be formed without really knowing it, like driving the same route over and over again, and then tuning out as you drive because the grooves are in control. These are practiced acts of being, doing, knowing and seeing, that can take over and prove to be unhealthy in some or many cases.

There are many examples like the driving one, such as brushing your teeth, showering, going to the bathroom...imagine making these seemingly mundane acts, conscious mindful moments. I know for me brushing my teeth with consciousness; as an aware practice has made a positive change for my gums, which were getting over brushed, and has given me a deeper appreciation for the gift of my teeth.

Let's dive deeper...I know from experience that when I consciously practice an act, such as teeth brushing, I experience positive change that I want in my life—I blossom.

How do I apply this to the bigger picture?

To my thought patterns, value system, to what I stand for, and believe in.

It begins with daily mindfulness practice, simple acts. I say to myself I will feel the steering wheel in my hand, have breath awareness at the stop light...and then it is easier and attractive to change the bigger things, such as my thoughts that have been imprinted by society or my childhood influencers.

My focus lately, has been to change thoughts and beliefs around money. The mainstream message is one of scarcity—there is not enough, must have more—this toxic message seeps into my own views of me—I am not enough, I must do more.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe it does, or maybe you have other thoughts that are not actually true to you but have seeped in. Turn to the simple acts, blossom there first and then take on the deeply important ones. Look to the blossoms for inspiration.

You see, I find that Spring and the incredible blossoms bless my eyes and nose as reminders to check in with my practices in life. I want to be über aware of what Samskaras I am creating, it's my brain and my life after all.

My invitation to you is to notice the blossoms, let them be a wake up to what you are growing and creating in your mind and being. Think about how practice creates these grooves in your brain; which equals how your life shows up in the world—how you blossom. Let the flowers from Mama Earth be a reminder to clear out old Samskaras and replace them with the new. This is not always easy, there are some weeds in the garden that have long deep tap roots, be patient and keep practicing (pulling, digging, replanting,) and then rest. Always rest and be with what is, notice first then act.

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