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AND the importance of connecting this with the Law of The Present Moment

Above is an image of an incredible bald eagle; I had the privilege of being at a bird of prey show on Grouse Mountain. This bird took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. When I see these beings I am brought to the present where I slow down. Only when I am in the present moment do I have the ability to take in their magical medicine.

Breath is always in the moment—that seems simple enough. Yet it is quite profound. With all the buzz of life, the ups and downs and the complexity of being human, with the mind and emotions, actions and interactions we rarely pay attention to the breath or the present moment. My practice is to acknowledge this and intentionally live in the present. It is consistency, practice, mindset and heartset that allows me to do this.

The Law of The Present Moment:

Time doesn't exist; what we refer to as past and future have no reality except in our own mental constructs. The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a social agreement; in truth, we only have this moment. ~ Dan Millman

How do I apply this daily?

What keeps me present is paying attention to my breath. I often give myself exercises. I have been posting breath exercises on my youtube channel. They work! The trick is do them often and build them into your routine.

The Dan Millman quote above, from the book, The Life You Were Born to Live, triggers deep thoughts for me. I mean really can that actually be true, that the present moment is actually the only true time we have? I try not to think about it too deeply, it occurs as truth only when I practice it. Yes, I have the mental capability to look to my past and future, which I do, however, if I consciously choose to look at my past and future from being in the present moment, I have increased my capacity for being human, which from experience has benefitted my life immensely.

I will share an example: when I have a long list of to do's and I notice myself in a scarcity mentality—"I don't have enough time"...or "there is A LOT to do with only a little time" I become aware of anxiety. This anxiety comes from thinking I cannot get it all done, it comes from expectations and being outside of the present moment. If I stop and breathe, be where my feet are in the present moment, I can write a list, tap into my abundance mentality—"there is plenty of time"...or "nothing is urgent", and move through the tasks with more ease and joy.

How do I apply this in my business?

I tune into what is present—my breath—and it calms my being so I can show up with my mind in service to my heart. My business is led by my heart, that is my intention. The tricky thing is that my mind thinks it knows best, especially when it comes to planning. It can and does if I am not on my game, try and plan, plan, plan, projecting into the future. This can be quite exhausting, ungrounding, and anxiety provoking. When I tune first into my breath and be grateful for where I am, right now in relation to my business and intentionally plan for the future, through my heart, so much more flows and grace is experienced. Yippee!!

Breath, being present and affirmations

I would like to end by sharing an additional component I have added to my conscious breathing and being present way of living. Recently, my beloved husband asked me what new "thing" am I doing, as he is noticing a big change in me. The answer could be long, as I tend to be trying this or that. This time the answer clearly popped out, it's consistently saying and believing affirmations. When I pause to pay attention to my breath, inviting presence I state an affirmation, often it is more than one. I have been using the ones offered by Louise Hay. I love the one for ear issues-

Harmony surrounds me. I listen with love to the pleasant and the good. I am a centre for love.

This combination of breath, being present and stating affirmations is an action I take. Action creates change. I know and and believe it. Breathe my friends, listen, feel, taste, love your breath.

Intrigued perhaps by my sharing today? I invite you to explore presence, breath and affirmations for yourself. Explore and share about it. It does take time and dedication.

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

If you would like a free consult with me, e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

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