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Collective Consciousness and Me

How can knowing that I am sensitive to the collective consciousness support me?

I'll start with Mondays—it happens to be one today. I always notice a subtle level of anxiety in my solar plexus on Mondays. It's not mine. In fact, as I write this blatant statement, I actually feel more relaxed. This is a weekly stirring up that occurs. I have come to accept it and I am usually mindful of what I do with my thoughts around it and what type of work I get involved in. Meaning, I try not to put a story on the anxiety, rather I receive the excess energy as me affected by the busy buzz of Monday. On this particular Monday, I made the mistake not to go outside and meditate and ground, so it took me awhile to get clear and start writing. This act of going outside is my responsibility to my self-care and the collective, which I expand on later.

Surges in the collective consciousness, in the last three weeks, have been particularly challenging for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. After reaching out to numerous supports, which I wrote about in my newsletter (sign up here), I have been reminded and further enlightened to the fact that some of us are much more affected by the collective consciousness, which includes the cosmos, and the energetics of the Mama Earth.

I recently had a conversation with Kelly Meehan about the energetics of Mama Earth, in this case we spoke about earthquakes, the ones reported and the ones happening subtly. When Mama Earth shifts we shift, some of us notice and others do not. These shifts are interconnected with the cosmos and with the collective consciousness. It all relates to ascension, or enlightenment or wakefulness. Very fascinating to me :)

These earth shifts can be seen as a reflection of the shifting consciousness of individuals and the collective shift happening. Much is written and spoken about regarding this topic and sometimes I forget to reach out and listen. There is a beautifully written article associated with the eye image above that speaks to this topic.

I will share what I know from my own journey and research. We are all connected, our energy connects with other humans and non-humans, and our minds influence each other's.

With this awareness, I often reflect back on my life and realize that I am being guided to evolve, to be über attentive to my super powers, that show up as sensitivities. And to trust that I am being asked to heal myself, not just for me but literally for everyone. Now, that may sound daunting and really my motivation to heal has nothing to do with others, I am in this for me and that is an important distinction. I have come to realize that if I don't honour myself and my self-care through life's asking of me, I will not function.

Awareness brings responsibility and there is no turning back when you have been chosen to walk the path of evolution

How does this relate to self-care?

I am an empath with super power sensitivities, it is of utmost importance that I tune into what is happening collectively. My self-care abilities have increased immensely just by knowing and learning about the bigger picture. I have more compassion for myself and a greater ability to prioritize my needs because I know I am important to myself and to the massive fabric I am a part of.

Maybe you too are a sensitive being with super powers and want to know more about how you relate to the collective consciousness and the cosmos. Perhaps your self-care will improve with this information. If so, I invite you to learn more, find your "tribe" so to speak, of people who resonate with similar frequencies as you do. This will surely benefit YOU and it will ripple through humanity.

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

If you would like a free consult with me, e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

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