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Fertility and Surrender Interweave

The long uphill path to pregnancy

I don't often think about how long I have been on a path of conception. This helps me be more present with how I am in every moment regarding this journey, rather than being carried away in the hardship and fantasy.

AND...sometimes it is important to get it all out. To yell it out to all the corners of the world, "FIVE YEARS, yes FIVE YEARS." In fact, it has been five years and 3 months. In this blog I reflect on what has happened in the time gone past––All the changes through space and time.

My mind creates a list; I have grown in love, stabilized my emotions, completely changed the way I work in the world, I am more at ease, I moved to the west coast of Canada, and I have more trust and faith. I am so grateful for this list and all the other more subtle ways I have transformed and blossomed.

I consider all this growth and transformation as a foundation for being a stellar mama; I am still learning and yes I still get caught up in the heavy emotions that can come with yearning to be a parent. Yet, even as I write this I have a stronger and more aware part of me piping in to say,

You know exactly why this is taking so long, you are healing ancestral wounds, you are individuating and becoming MAMA.

I am aware that some of the growth and positive change has come from being with and learning about surrender. I can write that piece above, about ancestral wounds, because of surrendering and as result being open to new ideas and perspectives.

How does my fertility journey relate to surrender?

Water surrendering over the Capilano Dam

Surrender is one of the profound lessons and ways of being that I have come to understand and contemplate. Just like the water in the canyon photo, it has no other choice than to surrender to the plunge, where it finds freedom to flow and eventually connect with the big ocean to live and breathe on. That is the ultimate place for me to be, to embrace this way of surrendering to my situation.

As I align with my reality, surrender shows up perfectly in my fertility journey, in my life—

I am releasing my grip on my definition and control of fertility and instead letting the waters of life bring me to where I am meant to be.

I cannot do this without action—surrender with action presents a new feeling, a new way of being and doing. I am more primed to respond to what is needed and asked of me, from my heart.

For example, I choose every month to surrender to my moon-time (menses) and I act as though I am mother-to-be––through self-care, positive attitude, and journalling my thoughts and emotions. This surrender with action is a recipe for increasing my trust and faith that baby is coming.

This sharing is to all the people out there, who want to be something, who have been waiting for something... I urge you to surrender to believing and then act on it. Find out what that means for you. What does it mean to first surrender and then act?

Like a spring seed surrendering to the Earth and acting with other elements to birth this:

As part of my fertility journey I have found avenues of creativity, and honestly I think it is because I have surrendered and "got out of my way" so to speak, that I have birthed my business. As part of my business, I have designed a course for others walking the long path to becoming a parent.

The course is called Heart Fertility Yoga.

Heart Fertility Yoga brings together modern science and research, ancient yoga wisdom and my personal experience with yoga and with energy healing and modalities. I will lead you on your own path of opening the heart of your fertility.

It is an 8-week course that requires commitment and the courage to reveal messages from your own being. The path will be unique to you and your creativity through engaging your body, mind and spirit in an exploration of your chakras (energy centres) in your body.

Dialogue, movement, and stillness will lead you to more love and compassion for who you are as a woman and as a mother.

Join me in a beautiful small sacred community of women in 2020 to renew your path to baby!

Intrigued perhaps by my sharing today? Interested in the Heart Fertility Yoga course?

Let's chat! I would love to learn about your path. Call me at 604 243 4337 or e-mail me at

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

Margo Lee Burton

Therapy for Self-care/Self-Realization

Fertility Support, Becoming Parents and

Couples Therapy

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