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Harnessing the Energy of Change ~ How this can support your health and well-being

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Look to the mountains, to the clouds and to the water

I begin with the image above, because it is in nature that we can truly see obvious change. The environment around us can be a reflection of what we want and need. Most of us, are in need of change, because we live in change, it is a constant influential factor of human life. Issues arise when we block change or resist it, such as pain in the body, addictions and dis-ease.

When we listen to the inner calling to change, or the outer invitation to change, we align with flow.

When I get close to a waterfall I get the urge to shift and flow

My own journey with change has been a great teacher and I have learned to be patient and to always invite transformation, evolution, integration and growth as part of my life experience. Sometimes I feel the urge and make it happen either through writing, meditating, seeking counselling and lots of practice. The saying practice makes perfect doesn't necessarily resonate with me, however, what I do believe is that practice leads to change. For example if I want to see change in my body; I will choose a yoga practice to commit to and watch overtime how I physically change. What is so awesome is that if I commit to changing physically, like I just mentioned, the rest of me changes too. I see and feel change mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is a relatively simple example of how to invite change.

SOMETIMES THIS HAPPENS! We are tied up inside and know that there is LIGHT on the other side of those knots of tension, resistance, or wounds.

This happens to us included, numerous times, and there are more to come, I am sure. It is the ego that gets in the way. Often a self-preservation mechanism stops us from making choices that free us and let the knots be untied, so new flow and ease can enter. Self-Preservation is important and so is the ego, however, our hearts have to be the master of how we self-preserve and how the ego serves our overall being.

I will share another story about my knots and how they were released. I lived and worked in a remote community, which I had dedicated pretty much my entire self to. My ego was stroked by the importance I felt in my work and by how I felt others held me in high regard for my work. The thing was I was not happy—the work was exhausting, the romantic relationship I was in had ended, and I knew in my body, mind and heart that change needed to happen. I knew this for two years before, luckily, I had the inner soul scream. It came from my heart, fired by anger from my belly. I was standing on the edge of a hill looking out at the sleeping giant over Lake Superior, when I heard from inside myself, STOP!!! That was it, I was on the edge of burn out, not quite there thankfully, and I listened. The scream was such a shake up to my ego that I could not help listening. Of course my ego screamed back with what ifs, and many doubts. I just kept reassuring myself this had to happen and I kept seeking support from friends, family and alternative health-care practitioners.

I would like to reiterate the importance of seeking help from others that were not family and friends. I could not have made that change without neutral listeners and observers. Those helpers kept me afloat in the flow of change. They did not invite me into my patterns, or want me in a role that I always had with them, instead they saw the need for me to be free and to transform away from what was.

I have had numerous experiences of knots in my life and I have to say that I am grateful for them, as I keep loving the person I become when I have untied them.

I invite you to reach out to me, or to someone you align with, to help you find the way to untie your knots. I help people change, be free, blossom, and ultimately transform themselves and their lives. I do this because I know how good it truly feels. It does not always feel good untying the knots, I will be honest in stating that, but BEYOND, there is such relief of newness, and the discovery that life is JOY.

If you would like a consult with me to learn more about how you can change through connecting with change in nature, or to untie your knots please e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

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