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Honesty ~ The law of honesty and how it serves me

AND the importance of connecting this with the Law of Intuition

Above is an image of my new drum and her beautiful bag, that my Mother-in-Love gave to my husband Luke and I recently. My drum and I often go to the oceanside to realign. She calls me through her watery, nurturing heart beat and I sing, sit in silence and listen. One of the reasons I go to the oceanside it to clear out the gunk, and quiet my ego. This helps me tune into my heart with the intention to be honest with myself and to learn my intuition.

I mentioned in my last blog, that I would share more about the universal laws. I will shed some light on The Law of Honesty and The Law of Intuition. They are playing a more important role in my life and the unfolding of my business.

The Law of Honesty:

Recognizing, accepting, and expressing our authentic interior reality lies at the heart of honesty... ~ Dan Millman

How do I apply this daily?

This is me being authentic in a grocery aisle at Whole Foods in West Vancouver—if you look closely the two individuals down the aisle are smiling. I had not noticed this until I chose to share it here. These two people are being affected positively by me being me. I am taking a moment to love the all-mighty sun and let it touch my skin and being. Honestly, this is what I want my business to be doing—touching people's lives and bringing them joy and unexpected surprises of Light. Notice also that there is light and shadow in this photo, which is another important aspect of my own life and my business. I seek out the shadows of my life by shining light and I do this for others too.

...only when we are honest with ourselves can we speak or act honestly with anyone else. In the sense of integrity, honesty entails acting in line with higher laws despite negative impulses to the contrary. ~ Daniel Millman

How do I apply this in my business?

This is honestly one of the most challenging questions of my life right now. I have the gift and the curse of being " a Jane of all trades " I have a multitude of skills and abilities, and yes this can be very helpful in my life and how I work, AND it can hinder my ability to be truly aligned with my heart's truth. For example, I may be asked to do some gardening, or perhaps cook a roast, manage a store, teach a geography class and I could say yes I am capable of doing all these things. However, if I am honest with myself, I may not want to and intuitively I always have the answers. My ego, if it gets stoked, may want to show off all those skills and my heart of honesty gets steam-rolled over.

So, how do I work with this?...well I am, with humility, strength (warrior-powers), and steadfastness bringing together...

The recipe of mixing honesty and intuition

The Law of Intuition:

We can only get in touch with our own source of intuition and wisdom when we no longer depend on other people's opinions for our sense of identity or worth. We all tend to worship something; the question is, will we worship the god of opinion or the god of our heart? ~ Dan Millman

My intuition is a lie detector, a real source of honesty, this means I can catch myself lying to myself. Let me share an example here: two weeks ago I went to a networking event that was awesome on many levels; however, I watched myself override how I was honestly feeling about things like, there was too much focus on caffeine, the pace of meeting was too fast, the downtown location was dark, stinky and super busy. Yet, I left there thinking I can join this group, yes it will be good for business... that is not the honest picture. Intuitively, I know I want to be with people who are thoughtful and slow with flow, connected to nature, and want to drink water at 6:45 am : ) Without judgement of what others do, instead focusing on what I need and want, I bring together my own honesty and intuition and honour my unique recipe.


At the heart of the matter, the arrows are pointing to the direction of humanity ascending through becoming individually unique, and knowing that we are part of a whole. That each of us in a fragment, that when we are honest and intuitive we shine and more of the whole shines.

Intrigued perhaps by my sharing today? I invite you to explore honesty and intuition for yourself. If you need support to lift off layers or patterns, that is normal. Just like me lying to myself, we all need each other for support and to remember who we truly are.

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

If you would like a free consult with me, e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

Bonus: I love this poem!

You are the Sun in drag You are God hiding from yourself. Remove all the “mine”- that is the veil Why ever worry about Anything? Listen to what our friend Hafiz Knows for certain: the appearance of this world Is a Magi’s brilliant trick, though its affairs are Nothing into nothing. You are a divine elephant with amnesia Trying to live in an ant Hole.

Sweetheart, O sweetheart You are God in Drag! ~ Hafiz

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