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How the Infinity Sign Shows Up

Engraved in our wedding rings- always with us

I have always been attracted to the infinity sign. I can not remember when I first set my eyes on it but I do remember when it began to show up. I was sitting across from my husband to be, not knowing that at the time. We were meditating, sitting cross-legged in front of each other; I began to see a large infinity sign wrapping around us, each of us surrounded by one of the irregular circles. It was like an energy line of movement, indicating his space and my space and that we are connected.

The infinity sign, or lemniscate, is one such fascinating symbol and produces its power regardless of whether we believe in it or not. ~ Barbara Heider-Rauter

Maybe you feel the magical presence of this sign? I am bringing up this symbol today because I realize that I work with symbols all the time. It is one of my tools for self-evolution, self-care and for supporting me to stay present. I see them in nature, in my home, my dreams and in my meditations and visualizations. The infinity sign is presenting itself and asking to be used in my healing process lately. Earlier this week, I was sitting in my morning meditation, doing a scan of my body. One area I have particular issues with is my solar plexus, an ongoing learning. When I focused on my solar plexus, an infinity sign presented itself–I began to "floss" the spot in my solar plexus that was sore and stagnant. Flossing my body parts, or energy centres (chakras) is a technique my dear friend, Ora Waldman, taught me in an intuition workshop. I am blessed that it is a natural healing gift that comes to me. I imagine the infinity sign flossing the area of need, the centre of the two circles is in the centre of my body spot and the energy of the lines move and dance, tracing itself over and over again, essentially flossing and releasing held tight energy. Barbara Heider-Rauter writes this:

The infinity sign can also provide help with healing. By visualizing or drawing the lemniscate as a symbol, we can use it on any part of the body where balance and harmony are needed. If we feel under the weather, we can write the world “health” on an infinity symbol and carry it with us.

I floss with the infinity sign and healing happens! Like Barbara describes above, this sign can indeed be used for healing. Even healing relationships–I still use the infinity sign to heal issues between my husband and I, and to balance our energies. It is an excellent symbol to support him being in his energy field (circle) and me being in my own. Clear and connected. As I write this I am reminded that I did bring the infinity sign up in another blog post, when I spoke of the spider, and the shape of the 8. I love how things interconnect in my life. How are symbols showing up in your life? Try tracing the infinity sign over and over or sitting with the symbol in your mind. I would love to hear about your experience, please comment below. If you would like to learn more about this symbol, it's origins and connection to yoga, click on the mysterious images below.

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