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How to Use Wind to Build Self-awareness and Empowerment

Wind turbines harness power from the wind, why can’t we? Of course we can—it is a matter of perspective, creativity and alignment. Consider the amount of energy harnessed from the turning arms of that turbine; it brings light to dark rooms, turns a cold oven hot, cars are powered by this energy…what potential!

Let’s plug our beings into this potential!

My car receives this energy and so can I!

Through using our imagination, being creative and open to new perspectives, each of us has the potential to use the power of wind to EMPOWER ourselves.

How do I know this? From experiencing wind’s fierce power for myself and realizing that the earth’s elements are here for me and my evolution.

Picture this; I am standing on a beach in Tofino, BC. The wind is wild. I open my arms wide, my jacket forms wings, the force of wind is trapped in my “wings” it lifts me up from the ground. I am exhilarated by the power and the space under my feet. I am flying!

This one felt experience grew my respect for wind, its power and ability to hold me. I began to deepen my relationship with this element, by considering it as a symbol, a friend to look to for support.

Now picture this; I am in a canoe with my husband, in Algonquin Park, ON. We launch our boat in a bay of a very large, open lake. We paddle out of the bay and the wind catches us, the waves push up against the boat, water splashes over the sides. The strength of the wind is shocking, my adrenaline is rushing, I am fearful. Nothing matters outside this moment. My husband and I yell back and forth making a plan to get us close to shore. With synchronized strokes, counting them in 20's, looking ahead at our destination, we make it safely and swiftly to a shoreline.

How do I use these memories and my relationship with wind to help me change and listen to my own needs?

It is the felt experience of wind that imprints on my brain and cells. These imprints are part of who I am, they become lessons and felt templates that I can draw on when I need their power.

When I feel the wind, see the leaves rustling, or watch the birds soar; I am reminded of how I have felt the power and motivation of wind. I go back to these memories and pull forth energy/qualities to apply to the present. Even in this moment when I am feeling the pressure of writing a blog, that I close my eyes and imagine the wind ‘whooshing’ the pressure system away. I take a breath and carry on, feeling the support of the wind.

In addition to pulling from the memories I have with wind. I also perceive wind as an entity that communicates with me. It speaks through the leaves rustling, or the feather softly floating down from an above flyby. I see these things as a reminder that I am not alone. There is a force in the world that I can trust in.

Look outside your window, and pick up the signs that you are not alone.

It is an abstract non-linear way of working with our minds and nature. Humans are multidimensional beings, and getting out of the logical and structured ways of being, doing, seeing and thinking is of utmost importance. They do work together of course, however, the logical is much more prevalent in mainstream society, so it takes effort and invitation to bring in abstract creativity.

I love this! The tree shifted under the influence of wind.

A clear image of the potential we can harness.

If you would like to deepen your relationship with wind and other natural elements in your life, to help you remember yourself or to motivate you to make change that is bubbling under the surface, I invite you to reach out for a consult with me or to find other teachers, guides or coaches, who are connected to Mama Earth and all her glory. or join my free online community YOUR HEART COMMAND CENTER-RELATIONSHIP FUEL to take part in what I'm offering.

With grounding and expanding

Love and Light!

Margo Lee Burton 

R.S.W., M.S.W., B.Ed., C.Y.T.

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Free initial consult, let's connect! YouTube Channel 

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