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How to use the law of attraction?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

AND the importance of applying the Law of Action with the Law of Attraction

There is a book entitled, The Life You Were Born to Live, interestingly I just realized that this book is written by the same author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the book I mentioned in my last blog. I sense that I am attracting this into my life. I am attracting this because I am taking action. I am putting myself out there towards my vision and dreams and yielding to the direction of life force. My life force that is aligned with my Divine Plan.

One of the many actions I am taking is to read and understand my life's purpose through the divine map of numerology. The Life You Were Born to Live, is a resource and guide to numerology and life purpose. I am a 36/9, I will reveal a little more on that...later. In this blog I will share that one of my guiding universal laws is the Law of Action. When I read the law of action, it aligned as true right away, it is like a relief to have a law that feels like a key unlocking my potential, thus leading to manifestation.

In the section 36/9 there is a section titled, Spiritual Laws: The Leverage to Change Your Life, one of the laws listed is the LAW OF ACTION:

To overcome insecurity or self-doubt, we can accept our feelings yet behave with confidence.

How do I apply this daily?

I just do it, I put myself out there. I write blogs, I write individuals asking them questions, I stop by office spaces, I go to networking events and I just started strength training, to mention a few... All of these action items give me a reaction. They either feel true or do not, they either flow to another step or they don't. What is most important is that they create energy in me and it ripples out to the universe. Through these actions I am asking The Divine (GOD, POWERS THAT BE) to guide me by either showing me there is an attraction or there is not.

The recipe

Self-doubt and fear can get in my way. I am committed to accessing the warrior within and following the laws of the universe particular to my number 36/9 as a recipe. It is like an experiment, I am standing in my power as a woman, and as a business owner to attract abundance in the form of money, love, peace and health. The recipe is: follow the law of action, be honest with myself and follow my heart (there are other laws listed specific to 36/9, stay tuned for them in upcoming posts).

Here is a list at the Laws of the Universe written in The Life You Were Born to Live:

The Law of Flexibility The Law of Discipline

The Law of Choices The Law of Perfection

The Law of Responsibility The Law of the Present Moment

The Law of No Judgements The Law of Faith

The Law of Balance The Law of Expectations

The Law of Process The law of Honesty

The Law of Patterns The Law of Higher Will

The Law of Intuition The Law of Action

The Law of Cycles

My action item in this moment, is to reach out to YOU with a invitation to share with me how the universal laws speak to you. Make a comment below or ask me a question! Reach out into the universe like this tree reaching out towards the ocean of abundance and share with me.

Everyone is influenced and connected to the universal laws, the law of action and attraction are only two of them. I invite you to explore them and experiment to see how they play a role in your life and how they can enhance your life.

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

If you would like a free consult with me, e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

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