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Launching Through Snow and Change

Unexpected Moisture

Welcome! Welcome! I am moved by love and expansion today as I write this first blog entry for my business website. I love writing for my husband Luke Lee Burton's and my travel blog; I assume I will love writing here too! It gives me great pleasure to share my life with others. And I especially love writing, which is another title I happily apply to myself, that is 'I am a writer'.

I suspect that the theme of my blog entries on this website, will be sharing the ins and outs, ups and downs, successes and challenges of living a life of integrity, joy, abundance and LOVE.

In a nut shell, the last few weeks have tested me intensely-- death, sickness, air travel, much family and friend visiting, lots of snow in unexpected places, many animals and straddling two house sits, to name some of the events. How have I stayed balanced? I am constantly doing practice and noticing the amazing gifts that the Universe (God, Divine, Goddess...) offers me in the most perfect moments. Like the Bald and Golden Eagles, the Sea Lions, the green leaves shining from underneath the snow. I keep a keen eye out for nature to lift me out of negative thoughts or overwhelming emotions. Now, I promise to be honest in these entries, and I have had three or four rough moments in the past 6 weeks. What I remember is those moments do not define me, the best action for me is to have acceptance and a no blame no shame attitude. I certainly do my best not to stay in the negative emotions, I ride through it holding on to my true self and then I stay anchored.

Stay tuned for random blog entries for now. I am not going to commit to a schedule until I am more settled.

Peace, Love and Courage to Transformation!

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