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Relationship with your heart!

My head is at service to my heart. Which means that my heart is the commander. That is my intention and most often my reality. This reality has come with much work, much healing, and changing. I made a commitment to myself and the Divine (my Higher Self ) when I was 30 that I AM in service of my heart, of the most high.

It is amazing how simple it is to say a commitment, make that statement, write it down, tell my friends. It is NOT simple to live it. My (the) ego being in the “I” in the diagram below receives fuel from the powers of progress, production, anxiety and stress, to name a few. The ego and the mind often lock in together and can create quite a dictatorship over my life.

It is through spending time accessing my higher consciousness and diving into the lower consciousness that has given me the where with all to activate my heart and continually ask it to be the leader. A leader that is much more balanced and calmly directs.

How do I build trust through that commitment to my heart?

I use practices such as meditation, energy psychology techniques and inner child work.

I engage in simple mindfulness/spiritual practices like the one I posted on YouTube recently.

I reflect, and engage with the awe and wonder of LIFE! To share a few...

The heart asks for attention, and each of us has a unique way to connect to our hearts. There are so many practices to try and the only way to know what resonates with your heart is to pick a practice and stick with it for a while. Then ask, "have I changed?"

There is one more item I would like to highlight here, it is so important not to try and eliminate the ego. The ego is a driving force in the human experience, it is one part of the picture that without other parts would fail to operate. It just needs a heartfelt command center to keep it in check.

So I say hold onto your heart : )

Put trust and commitment into it.

As I look out the windows of my life, I recognize that all is a relationship and there is so much to discover in the inner and the outer! To engage in life is to engage in relationship.

Come be in relationship with yourself and with me!

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

Margo Lee Burton

Therapy for Self-care/Self-Realization

Fertility Support

Couples Therapy

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