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Spider Keeps Showing Up

Spiral Light of Life

One morning last week, I found a spider in my water glass. I looked at it closely, examining the spiders fragile body and intricate design. Looking down, watching it crawl on the bottom, looking at it through the glass sides and through the thick bottom. Each view giving me a new distinct perspective. I was quite surprised and happy I didn't mindlessly pour water in that glass and drink it down. As I was contemplating this very obvious visit from the spider, I remembered I had dreamt of a spider that evening. This kind of animal medicine (insect, bird, symbol) showing up in my life twice in less than 12 hours grabbed my attention. I was eager to know more and to dive into the spirit medicine.

I reached for my Ted Andrews book, Animal Speaks: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small and found spider. It is one of the longest entries, describing the magic and gifts of spider. Spider as a symbol, is not uncommon to me and I respect the messages of weaving my own life and being small and mighty.

However, when a creature or symbol comes alive with this type of strength, like this spider had, what I like to do is read through Ted Andrews words and let them flow and ring through my being. There is always an intuitive hit—this time it was about the body of a spider. Specifically, the shape, which is much like an 8, or an infinity sign, also related to its 8 legs.

Ted Andrews writes this:

On its side, this is the symbol of infinity. It is the wheel of life, flowing from one circle to the next. The difficulty is learning to walk those circles or even hold your position within the middle between the two. Spider teaches you to maintain balance––between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future.

Spider teaches ME that everything I now do is weaving what I will encounter in the future.

About a week after I almost drank a spider and a spider visited my dreamworld, I had this beauty below visit me on the driver's door of my car. Quite noticeable this one was, I wondered if it would glow in the dark.

Now, this is the deep reflective magic for me. The present captured so I can look at it in the future.

Just as Ted Andrews shared that what I am doing in this moment is weaving the truth of the future. When I look at the photo I see the symbol of the spider and I see the reflection of me, mirroring who I am now and in the future.

I see the sun and my boots, my fun stance and my tea mug. What does this really tell—my future holds joy—leprechaun type, hiking, sunshine, tea time relaxing and a whole lot more. :)

The strongest message is that of the HEART. I see that the spider is in the position of my heart centre. This is deeply significant as I believe this is the message spider is strongly sending.

When I am centered and balanced in my heart, in the centre of the infinity sign, the wheel of life, I can weave my life from truth and LOVE. I can access the physical, the mental, the masculine, the feminine, the opposites.

My work is to pay attention to where I am making my decisions and actions from, in the now, for the future. Are they from the heart, in the center? Am I balanced? That is what I live for everyday and I thank the spirit messengers for helping me. I need it, this human journey is a good challenging journey.

What messages are being sent to you?

Pay attention to the signs, they are real and invite each of us humans into a magical realm that support human ascension and personal evolution and BALANCE.


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