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The Path to Motherhood ~ exploring paths, titles and symbols

In this image I see LIFE- a giving and receiving relationship.

How can the path to motherhood be one of giving and receiving?

I have been on a path to motherhood for 5 years, this path has provided pain, strength, joy, suffering, and most definitely TRANSFORMATION. As I have transformed I have been in a giving and receiving relationship with myself and others. I have reached out in vulnerability to many health practitioners, friends and family. Through my courage to get support I believe I have given and received.

There are so many beautiful relationships that have blossomed from these reciprocal relationships, some might call it hardship, or struggle, however, I call it LIFE. I have been called to face myself—the traumas I have experienced, the darkness within and the illuminating Light within.

With a steadfast approach to becoming a mama, I have learned to accept and surrender to the ups and downs, the dark feelings of sorrow, fear and doubt, and the light feelings, of joy, belief and wonder.

And all along the way I have met beautiful and inspirational souls. It truly is a giving and receiving journey—this is one title I am aligned with—Giving and Receiving to Motherhood.

There are many other titles, some of which allude to there being a problem, or an issue...

which brings me to the next question to explore.

Why the title infertility does not settle with me?

The word infertility has heaviness with it. I believe that words carry energy depending on what societal verbiage is associated with it, or what societal actions are tied to the word. In this case, the word infertility is defined as; inability to conceive children or young or inability of land to sustain crops or vegetation; unproductiveness (

It is heavy in its imagery and in it's conclusiveness. It conjures up ideas of there being an issue or a problem. Now, I need to expand on what I mean here, to ensure that I am getting the correct picture across. Sometimes there are medical concerns that need to be taken care of when conceiving a child is taking a long time (after a year or so of trying), however, that exists in some cases, not ALL, and the medical needs to be considered and taken care of, AND it is not the "be all and end all", it is simply a slice of the pie. The pie of wholeness to understanding the journey to motherhood.

Consider this image and notice all the pie around the small slice of the medical; the aspects mentioned below can be expanded on in great length and detail from many cultures, and viewpoints. I have the deep privilege of beginning to understand the medicine wheel from the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (Canada).

I encourage women on the journey to pregnancy to let the word infertility go over and over again. Replace it with fertile, creative, productive, life-giver, and other words that resonate in this arena. Most importantly, tune into what your body needs and wants, inclusive of terminology and look deeply into the many aspects of YOU.

Let's take a look at symbols!

The power of symbols on the path of conception.


I was recently lying on my back at Acubalance, a clinic that specializes in supporting fertility, among other specialties. I was in the middle of receiving acupuncture, laser therapy and doing energy psychology, when I looked out the big window, into the canopy of a large-leafed tree. There was a beautiful, frantically fluttering hummingbird. I have a deep symbolic relationship with hummingbird, after two came buzzing by me at my wedding, as I stood alone in my wedding dress on a dock overlooking a lake, waiting for my canoe chauffeurs. When Luke (my husband) and I wrote our wedding invitation list, hummingbirds were the first guests... literally :) When I saw this hummingbird, I made a comment that it was sign that I am truly on the right path, the doctor I was working with shared that it is a symbol of fertility. I was filled with gratitude and joy! It prompted me to look to my well-used Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. Ted Andrews writes that the hummingbirds KEYNOTE (is) Tireless Joy and the Nectar of Life. Yes!

This was just a little exploration into the depth that the journey to motherhood can offer. I encourage you to look OUTWARDS and INWARDS at your unique journey. Ask questions, get support, love and grow.

If you would like a free consult with me, e-mail me at or fill out my online form at We can talk and I will share what I offer and if it is not a good fit, I will offer other suggestions to get you on track.

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