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The saying, "God is in the details," opens me to the present

This Little Rock

What does it really mean to see God, Divine Mother, Creator, Goddess in the details?

What does this open up for me?

That painted rock you see above, invites me into the details of that massive Douglas Fir tree; right into the cambium (bark), the protective layer that surrounds its life system and deeper to its heartwood. As I peer closer, a whole world opens up for me. Crevasses like canyons, run vertical, touched and filled with life giving sap and droplets of water. Look closer my heart-mind calls to me.

I see shades of grey, brown and even greens. I am close enough to smell the sweet scent of caramel rise up from thick canyons and my attention is captured through my senses.

Ah, that is it... My senses open me up, they are the doorway to details; many doorways open to where I can be with the gifts of smell, sight, touch, sound and taste. My senses lead me straight to the present, they lead me right to my breath, where I am--Where I just am. Just where God resides.

It is my intention to pay attention to the details and be in constant relationship with the force of life itself. In that place I am with my breath and therefore I am more apt to be calm and experiencing life to the fullest. Thank you painted rock and the artist who placed you there!

The invitation is to look closely and then closer and closer.

Many blessings to you all!

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