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Trust and Commitment- What is in a simple Hug?

Let’s look at the science behind this first. According to oxytocin is released when we hug or cuddle. Oxytocin reduces blood pressure and can decrease the stress hormone norepinephrine. Great news! It is proven that hugs are healthy.

I will add a little disclaimer and acknowledgement in here: if you have experienced trauma/violation/negative experiences with touch; hugs may not offer this healthy positive effect. Fortunately, through healing and reprogramming, hugs can once again provide the positive effect they were born to do.

I observe hugs happening often, they happen with goodbyes, with hellos and in intimate moments. I offer hugs and receive hugs. Each hug is unique and I wonder does every hug provide this release of oxytocin? Does every hug help me feel more calm?

My answer is no; not all hugs make me feel relaxed or happier. In fact, I have learned the difference of a friendly passing by hug and a deeper I care for you hug. Of course I welcome both and know different hugs are meant for different situations.

Why all this analyzing of hugs? What do hugs have to with trust and commitment?

Using hugs as a way to get to know yourself, your boundaries, your needs and your relationship with touch will build awareness about trust and commitment.

I recently posted a video on my YouTube Channel , describing the simple practice of self-hugging.

Does a self-hug have the same effect as being hugged by someone else? That is for you to find out.

I know for me, if I settle into my self-hug I feel comforted and more calm.

It may be helpful to imagine that you are hugging your inner child, or cuddling an animal : ).

Whatever works to build trust in yourself through touch and self-love.

One other aspect of hugs I would like to bring up is the tendency to take hugs for granted, much like a handshake or a “how ya doing?” statement. I invite you to hug with intention, be mindful of who you hug and when you hug. On the other end be receptive of who hugs you and when are you hugged. It is hug experiment!

Thank you for being part of my life and engaging in my blog. Love and Light!

Margo Lee Burton

Therapy for Self-care/Self-Realization

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