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Support for couples,

pre-marital, marital or other

Remove stagnation and grow individually and together to THRIVE! 

Meet with me in person or virtually.
I offer online and phone sessions
It has been proven to me that the intimacy and results of working with people online,by phone and e-mail works wonders for healing and transformation. 
I support individuals and couples to prioritize themselves so they can handle the stress and pain of what ails them.   
I also specialize in supporting individuals and couples with fertility.
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Had enough of the same old, same old?  As a couple do you feel stuck in a hamster wheel, spinning through life without connecting?  Individually you know something needs to change, yet you can’t find the time or words to bring it up.  Do you want to feel that spark again?  Or maybe you want to try something new, embark on a project, step into new roles.  


Relationships take work and from my perspective, there are always times for a little shake-up, or a new perspective offered.  This is what I can offer.  Fresh eyes on a committed relationship, observing and offering to each of you individually so you can each live with integrity, benefitting and growing the bond you have together.  


Life is a journey of healing and when two individuals commit to sharing their lives, there has to be room for each to heal and evolve. To support this path each individual can choose to be each other's teachers, motivators and mirrors of what needs to shift and transform.    


Doing the work, I call it, which has been a driving force for my incredible, ever-growing albeit challenging relationship with my beloved husband.  We are both therapists and honor our individual paths so that we can evolve freely and together.  


Call me to chat about doing the work, the unique work for you both solely and together.



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Move towards clarity!

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