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Optimized For You

No more burnout, no more hiding. It is time for YOU!

Meet with me in person or virtually.
I offer online and phone sessions
It has been proven to me that the intimacy and results of working with people online,by phone and e-mail works wonders for healing and transformation. 
I support individuals and couples to prioritize themselves so they can handle the stress and pain of what ails them.   
I also specialize in supporting individuals and couples with fertility.
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Maybe it’s burn out. But you don’t even have the energy to think about it. You feel too tired to eat, or even to listen to your partner share about their day. You’ve been running on fumes. But you know you can’t keep going like this. Every time you think you are going to make a change, you get overwhelmed by the to-do list and the demands of life. You wish for peace. There is an inner voice calling out for transformation.

I help women who are in a TOO busy cycle, whether mothering, working or doing for others. You feel lost or dazed and deep down you know there is something brighter and better.  


It takes courage to honour yourself and begin to put yourself first.  I know this first hand, as I have been an over-giver and through my own courage and help from others, found a balanced way to live and offer.  


My clients walk away feeling more joy, more balance, and energized by their lives. This energy flows in their lives, allowing for more connection with their partner, their kids and their friends.


Let's get started with a free 20-minute consult!  



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